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16 Simple Ways to Relieve Stress in USA

Many people deal with stress every day. Work, family issues, health concerns, and financial obligations are parts of everyday life that commonly contribute to heightened stress levels. What’s more, factors such as genetics, level of social support, coping style, and personality type influence a person’s vulnerability to stress, meaning that some people are more likely to become stressed than others (1 Trusted Source , 2 Trusted Source , 3 Trusted Source ). Plus, research shows that parents, people in professions such as healthcare and social work, People of Color, and LGBTQIA+ individuals are more likely to have higher stress levels (4 Trusted Source , 5 Trusted Source , 6 Trusted Source , 7 Trusted Source ). Minimizing the chronic stress of daily life as much as possible is important for overall health. That’s because chronic stress harms health and increases your risk of health conditions such as heart disease, anxiety disorders, and depression (8 Trusted Source , 9 Trusted Source , 

What happens to your body when you die. USA

Even people who evade paying their taxes can’t avoid that other certainty in life: death. We all die, and when it happens, our bodies stop functioning the way they’re supposed to. And, well, it can be pretty gross. Here are a variety of things that happen to the body after death, when the organs have stopped functioning and tissues start to decompose. What is death? We all know what it means to die on a practical level, but what does modern medicine have to say? After all, people can be “brought back from the dead” with the help of a few electric shocks. Actual, “clinical” death is defined as the ceasing of all “vital functions” of your organs, including your heart, your brain, and your lungs The Lazarus phenomenon In very rare instances, people have “come back” to life after CPR has stopped being performed, even if they’ve been pronounced dead for several minutes. For the majority of patients, “the Lazarus phenomenon” doesn’t last very long, and they die shortly after. However, one re